How to Stop a Nosebleed with Essential Oils

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My 14 year old son is the only one in my family who tends to get nosebleeds.  Usually it’s from trauma, even a light bump on the nose.  Sometimes it’s the dryness in the air and other times, when he was younger, he brought it upon himself.

I don’t think I need to go into detail on how he brought it upon himself, but you get the picture…ahem.
Now that I have started using essential oils, I am having so much fun experimenting!  When someone has an ailment, I jump up and say, “I’ve got an oil for that!”  

And so, here is my son with another nosebleed.  He played basketball all winter and got a little banged up on the court at times.  He was rockin’ the defense by-the-way!  Second place in their tournament…

Anyway, nosebleeds.  They have been occurring a little more frequently due to his aggressive ball playing.  But, I am ready.

Lemon essential oil is haemostatic, meaning it helps stop bleeding by speeding up the coagulation process, while cypress essential oil has been known to promote blood clotting.  Here are some other amazing benefits of cypress essential oil from Organic Facts.

Here is what you need:

2 drops lemon essential oil(here’s what I use, no selling required!)
2 drops cypress essential oil(my favorite brand)
1 cup of water
Put the water in a bowl, add the essential oils and dip the whole papertowel in the water.  Wring out the papertowel and place over the whole nose and apply pressure to the midsection to help speed up coagulation.  It only took a couple of minutes if that, to stop the bleeding.  Usually with my son, it normally takes up to ten minutes.
I have also read that helichrysum can do the trick even better, but I did not have it on hand.  Saturate a q-tip with the essential oil and apply to the interior of the nostril or simply use a tissue with helichrysum drops and hold over the nose.  This oil is next on my purchase list!
I have done this twice now, and the results are obvious compared to how long it normally takes his nose to stop bleeding.
This is just one out of a plethora of ways to use lemon and cypress essential oils.  

For more information about the essential oil brand I trust, go here.

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  1. Thank you, Susie! My 16 yo son has nose bleeds off and on – but just had his second one this week this morning as he was getting ready to go to work before school. As he runs off to deal with it, I thought – I bet there is some how my oils can help support this… Google search for that and yours was the first site. I have Heli – so we tried it first. And it seemed to work for a few minutes. But then it started again – so lemon and cypress was next. And stopped. YAY.

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