My Soap Business Name Change

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I have been contemplating changing the name of my soap business for awhile.  It was Eden Natural Skincare and Cosmetics, but Eden is so overused now in everything.  Plus, it just sounds so formal.
And I am so not formal.
Thanks to a branding guru who gave me some advice, I have now changed it to Girl and Her Goats.
My 12 year old daughter is one of my right hand kiddos who helps milk the goats.  My 14 and 10 year old sons do as well, but my daughter has really taken an interest in helping me market my products.  I can leave her at a craft fair all by herself and she could sell more than me!
After seeing my daughter at a Master Gardening show, this branding guru just adored her and how she is my helper on the farm.  Thus, we threw around the name until we found one that wasn’t already taken.
And here we are.