I am a Goat Owner and I’m Neither Famous nor Crazy

This was taken after I had triumphantly wrestled the bully buck to the ground.  Sometimes you just have to show off the battle wounds…and the farmer’s tan.

I just thought I would clear up the air here.  You know, because it’s important for others to know who we really are.  People perceive me to be two things:  Crazy or famous.  Although the latter makes me feel kind of special, neither views are correct, the crazy one maybe…
Here is how it usually goes.
“So, you really have goats?  I mean, do you milk them and drink the milk and all of that?  Wow!  That is so cool!  I wish I lived out in the country.  I bet you are healthy too and no wonder your kids have such good attitudes and are hard workers.  Can I come over and watch and learn from you?  Is there anything you can’t do?”
About this time, I have to keep my ego in check.  It sure feels nice to be so highly regarded just because I own a few goats.  Because you never know when that ‘person’ comes along and brings you down off your high horse…
“You have goats?  Ewww those billies sure do stink don’t they?  And the milk is so nasty!  I tried goat’s milk from Walmart and it about did me in!  My dad had goats and never did a thing with them.  He knew how to work us to the ground though.  I vowed never to go back to that craziness!  Well, at least you’re happy…”
You know there is truth in each statement.  It is pretty nifty to raise goats and use their milk for lots of things.  My kids are hard workers and usually have good attitudes.  And yes, that buck is pretty hideous especially in the fall.  Oh and the Walmart goat’s milk will make you gag!

Really, the truth is, I’m just a simple goat owner who likes to utilize the milk to benefit our health and to save a little money.  I appreciate those who appreciate what I do, and yes, sometimes when I look at that stinky buck with his tongue hanging out, or when I have to wrestle him to the ground, I do get a little nervous twitch…


I think I better stop there.  Maybe I am a little crazy.

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3 comments on “I am a Goat Owner and I’m Neither Famous nor Crazy

  1. I love this!! Describes my life and people's reactions to it perfectly. Some people tell me how impressed they are and then there are others that sound like they can't believe I would do such an awful thing. I always love reading your posts.

  2. This is great! And I can relate to wrestling a buck… We just sent one to the butcher because he was dead set on killing me… I'm in my sixth month of pregnancy… cant be having a buck bully me around. I havent gotten any "crazy" looks on having goats exactly… More "huhs?" because we started a farmstead in the first place! Like, who does that anymore, lol. Thanks for the laugh first thing this morning.

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