Meet Whisper, Our First Foal

For those that follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you might have seen this beauty from a picture or two or three.  She is the newest addition to the farm and we love her oh so much!  But let me back up a bit and tell you the story of her existence.

My oldest daughter lost her quarter horse mare two years ago.  We believe it was from Impressive (stallion) breeding in her bloodlines.  This world champ stallion, as awesome as he was, carried a genetic flaw that has caused some major controversy over the years. We were unaware of any of this when we got her.  Needless to say, my daughter was devastated.

My kids show in 4-H and with three of them showing horses, we needed another taller horse for the older kids.  We have the shorter, stocky Haflingers.  My husband told me that the only horse he would allow us to get was another taller Haflinger.  They are so much more hardier than most horses and don’t require a whole lot of feed.  In fact, we don’t even give our Haflinger geldings any feed and they have consistantly kept their weight on nicely, too much at times!
Needless to say, I had my work cut out for me, but I saved money that I earned from online sales and started searching.
After some dead ends,  I found this veterinarian in Ohio who breeds Haflinger mares to her Gypsy Vanner stallion.  The offspring look just like this beautiful Gypsy, Leo, shown below.  She sometimes sells the pregnant mares so that others can experience the awesomeness of the Gypsy Vanner as well as the gentle Haflinger.

That is beyond cool.  But really, could we, should we?  Or was it too much of a dream?
Well, long story short, this dream came true for us.  Now, let me tell you, I have no experience with foals whatsoever.  But, sometimes you just have to dive right in and take chances.  How boring life would be if we were too fearful to step out of our comfort zone!
On April 18th, our little girl was born.  She was a week early, so we really weren’t prepared yet and were planning on just letting our mare deliver in the pasture.  But you know, she was just grazing around our fenced in big yard as the pasture was still off limits because of the dry cold weather at that time (now our cellar is flooded…).  Anyhoo, she didn’t act any different when her water broke.  
Then I saw a white hoof and started screaming with excitement!  She laid down to give birth.  Holy cow this was really happening!  This was a new experience that seemed like a dream!
Within a half hour, she gave birth to this little girl.  My husband broke the sac around her mouth with his knife, and then mama mare took over like a pro.  Within the next half hour, she stood, bless her heart!

My daughter wanted to name her Whisper.  I thought it was perfect.  But my little six year old wanted to name her Rain.  So we decided on Whisper Rain.  Even better.

This, is what life on the farm is all about.  To stand in awe at how the Creator orchestrates everything.  The beauty of a newborn foal, the instincts He gives them to stand quickly, to run and frolic within an hour after birth, the special bond between mother and foal, her ability to gently nudge the baby’s head back toward her udder to help her find the milk.  So sweet, so precious, so perfect!


I am in awe.

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