A New Phase in Life…

I’ve gotta tell ya, it feels good to get back to blogging!  Writing is my way of retreating and spending some alone time.  Plus, my introverted mind has to get things written down from time to time.  It’s been a whirlwind around here and I have had about zilch alone time!

No, our new phase in life doesn’t mean we sold the farm or quit homesteading.  But most of you know we have a new little blessing as of March 3rd.  We also have two new older blessings to add to the family.  My parents moved in last July due to my Dad’s diagnosis of early Alzheimers.  We are in the process of adding a room addition on to our farmhouse as I write.

Although Dad’s diagnosis is disheartening, we are so glad they chose to move here.  We have the mindset of keeping them out of a nursing home, and Lord willing that is the plan.

I will be posting here and there about Dad’s journey.  Hopefully it will help some of you who are in a similar boat.  I would love to know about your journey as well!

Homesteading has a tendency to have phases.  With a new baby and my parents here, I’m just trying to keep up.  I still garden and can and freeze produce but not nearly as much as I would like to.  We have plenty of eggs from our laying hens.  We still raise and butcher meat chickens but just on a much smaller scale.  We raise our own beef and pork and milk our goats.  The homestead is still humming along.

But I’ve spent more time on organizing and decluttering than anything else.  When you get that itch, you just gotta act on it!  My husband and oldest son built a tack/tool room in the barn, so now the tools all have a home as well as the saddles, bridles, etc. We organized the garage(I imagine there’s messy garages to organize in hell, just a guess).  And we plowed through the abyss in the attic. We also decluttered the boys room.  Man, what a pit that was!  Needless to say, we now have a car filled completely with bags of clothes, shoes, etc. to go to the Salvation Army.

It feels pretty daggone good to get that done. 

So, although it’s a big change with a baby and my parents here, it’s a good change.  I’m eating up my sweet Eliana and savoring every moment with her.  And I’m enjoying my parents’ company and their help around the farm.  It’s an adjustment for sure, and I hope I can be a blessing to them like they are to me!

That’s it in a nutshell.  Many times at the end of the day, we get to witness a beautiful sunset.  My dad has asked me a few times, “The sky seems bigger up here doesn’t it?”

Yes, it does Dad, yes it does.

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  1. I have thought about you and your family throughout the summer. What a nice surprise to see your new post. Eliana is adorable! What a blessing to be able to have your parents come live with you…for both them and you guys.

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