Keeping Up with the Homesteading Joneses

You know, that Jones family just butchered their own cow(raised on pasture and organic grain), canned their 375th jar of vegetables they grew themselves, built a new coop from reclaimed wood they found from an old barn, made their own butter from their goats(with a cream separator), and claimed they haven’t been to the grocery store in a year!


Oh to be like the Joneses.

They’ve got it going on and I’m over here feeling guilty for not butchering our cow and pigs ourselves. Butchering chickens isn’t enough you know.  When we ever get to butchering our own pigs, then we will have reached the homesteaders elite.   

Sometimes I feel like a fake.  Like I should be doing more but it seems as of late it’s a good day if the animals don’t escape.  The Joneses never have that problem. It’s like their animals know they are in with the elites. They know they have an image to uphold.  

I should’ve spent more time in the garden this year.  I should’ve canned more produce.  My canning shelves should be loaded from floor to ceiling.  Facebook worthy.  I bet that would go viral.  That’s what the Joneses did.

I should really spend at least double the feed costs to get organic grain.  So what if the cost we put into our animals far outweighs what we get out of them.  Sometimes I envision there are the Elites watching over me when I scoop out grain that’s not gmo free, shaking their heads or gasping in shock.

I really should save more goat’s milk and make cheese again.  Never buying milk at the store just isn’t enough.  Making goat’s milk butter on a regular basis would up my status for sure.

And, we really need a woodstove.  I mean, a woodstove means we’re legit right?

I have another confession to make while I’m at it.  I started buying Suave shampoo again.  Can you believe that?  I know, total fake.  I don’t know what makes me feel worse – not making my own shampoo or buying an unnatural brand.  I just can’t win.  Oh the guilt.

I mean, my chickens don’t even have names!  

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to keep up with the homesteading Joneses.  

But then again, maybe I wasn’t meant to.

“A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.”
Proverbs 14:30

Need a lift?


6 comments on “Keeping Up with the Homesteading Joneses

  1. Gasp….all 10 of my chickens have the same name….chicken! We do have some stuff canned but not enough. I am convinced that the Joneses don"t exist or if they do ~ they have a "Martha Stewart~esque" entourage to do all the work behind the scenes while they basque in the glory of colorful canning jars! d

  2. What a great article! Thank you for writing this! We live on a farm-ette and even though we have an almost empty nest, we still struggle with getting the garden done. My canning and preserving output is down this year but I don't compare myself to anyone….except myself. There is always next year. Our chickens are trying to strike, so we're not getting the egg yield we'd like but we only have 11 chickens. It would be nice to get 11 eggs a day but that's not happening. However, I know that God is good and He's in charge and I rest in that.

  3. Thank you for sharing. Isn't it funny how we all can get caught up even in trying to live simply? God doesn't expect from us nearly as much as we do of ourselves. He loves us and wants us to focus only on Him. Oh how we humans complicate things! Speaking to myself here! Grace dear sister in Christ, grace.

  4. The "Jones's" are not the norm, but I do believe there are those that do the things you mentioned….my husband and I do a lot and not we don't have a "Martha Stewart~esque". We work hard…very hard…. That kind of life isn't for everyone and not everyone wants to do all those things. We don't name our 100+ chickens, or our 25 pigs, we did however name our goats when we had them….LOL…we garden on a large scale and can on a large scale(300+ jars this season) I make my own goats milk soap and cook from scratch, render my own lard from our pigs…plus a gagillion other things we do because it is the way we choose to live our life ….but it's ok if others don' many times we beat ourselves up because we can't or simply don't want to do what others do…that's ridiculous….we should all do what works for our life, finances, and goals and don't worry about what others do….we choose this life because we like hard work….clean food…and being prepared for life's mishaps be it long term or short term…for the record….we use suave shampoo too *wink*

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