When You Don’t Meet Your Homesteading Goals

Sometimes, homesteading takes a back seat.

It’s true.  There’s a season for everything, and sometimes that season doesn’t allow us to put homesteading at the top of the list.  That was us last year.

Now when I say “take a back seat”, I don’t mean starving the animals or neglecting the homestead.   It still has a seat, just not up front.  And that is okay.

As homesteaders, we can get caught up in everybody’s blogs, facebook posts, etc. and see what everyone else is doing and that can sometimes be depressing.  The pressure is real.  No one puts that pressure on us, but we do.  We are downright hard on ourselves.

We read others’ goals, like all 50 of them, and we’re over here just trying to figure out when to find the time to make dinner.

So what if you didn’t can a single green bean last year because you had other pressing things to tend to.  So what if things got so busy because you were dealing with unexpected important issues called life, that you didn’t even plant a garden.  Or maybe you just didn’t have time to pay attention to when your goats got bred or you waited far too long to butcher the meat chickens because…you guessed it, you were called upon to do something else.

Important seasons of life come up.  And they take precedence over homesteading at the moment.  I know, I know, you might need a paper bag to breathe into after reading that.  What in the world could be more important than homesteading?  How dare I even suggest such a thing!

I’ll give you two things, and they both happened to me last year.

1.  A new baby.
2.  My parents.

My precious Eliana was born in March.  Did I keep trucking on to tackle my homesteading goals? Nope.  I wanted to fully enjoy her because I waited far too long to hold a live, warm, healthy baby in my arms.  And, daggonit, I wanted to savor that!  They don’t stay little chunky babies for long.  And then what?  Would I be proud to say that I continued on with my new goals, yet was too busy to spend a whole lot of quality time with Eliana?  And then, she is no longer a baby.  And then I would realize that I missed it. I held two lifeless sons in my arms before, and that changed my perspective immensely!

Not only was I gifted a precious baby, but my parents moved in with us due to my Dad’s early Alzheimers diagnosis.  I am humbled that they chose us, overwhelmed at what may come, and blessed to have them be a part of our lives.  We had a new room addition added on to our old farm house.  Builders were walking in and out of our house(and even my bedroom, eek!), and things were pretty chaotic for a good while.  Needless to say, getting in sync with my parents’ needs and just trying to stay sane when my private world was being compromised was enough to say ‘no’ to any new goals this year on the homestead!

There were times that I itched to do more on the farm, but I knew it wouldn’t be wise at the time.  Sometimes my entrepreneurial brain would start to hum and whirl with ideas, but no, I had to tell myself, “Not yet, Susie, not yet.”

And sometimes I would get down on myself, thinking I should be doing more.  But those were the times I had to check myself, take a look at what I had done and was doing at the moment, and know that I was doing enough.  It is enough.  It might not be as much as other homesteaders, but to me, it is.

I still canned, I still had a big garden(even though it was more weedy than it had been in a long time), yet I let some things go, like growing something new or having my little CSA, or growing enough to last all year.

We still raised pigs, a feeder calf, chickens and goats.  So our freezer is full and we had eggs and milk in the fridge(until the chickens went on strike and our goats dried up).  Our homestead still hummed along peacefully and to that I am grateful.  But, it just wasn’t our top priority.

I didn’t fail my goals, I just postponed them, for good reason.

It was a season of focusing on other things.  You might be there as well.  Just know that I hear ya.  I know how overwhelming life’s unexpected turns can be.  I won’t raise my eyebrows if you tell me you didn’t plant those green beans.  I won’t let out a long sigh when you tell me you didn’t pick one apple from your tree.

Because you chose to put your attention on something far more important at the time, I applaud you.  You didn’t fail homesteading, you just chose what God put before you at the time.  It is a season.  And one day, you will be able to dive back in to homesteading with gusto.

And that is where I am now.  I’m ready to dive.

Are you ready to dive into natural healing for family and farm?  Come join me and thousands of other homesteaders!

10 comments on “When You Don’t Meet Your Homesteading Goals

  1. Hi Suzie! What a refreshing post!And congratulations on the new baby! I can't wait to see pics! I'll have to look through your blog for some, when I get a chance. I really fell off the homestead wagon last year! I hardly ever blogged, and I didn't can green beans! I even sold all but three of my hens! But like you, I'm coming back strong this year! I can hardly wait to get in the garden, I've added three new hens, I'm considering adding geese and ducks, and the list goes on. Yes, it is depressing when I read what all other people accomplish and I don't. But then I look at what I had to do instead and all that I did accomplish, and I don't feel as bad. We are all at different seasons in life. And if we trust Him, God will show us how to handle each situation as it arises. I'm so thankful I can trust His guidance! Even though the times may be tough! Thank you for sharing, and God bless you and your sweet family!

  2. Totally understand not being into the homesteading last summer. I fell in my garden halfway through the summer and didn't want to try going back into it. Along with that, half the vegetables I planted didn't produce much and health issues I didn't know at the time, so no desire to even pick anything. Hoping the city I live in changes the requirements to have chickens and someday they will be added to my little plot of land. Take care and congratulations on the baby. Prayers for your parents and you for good health.

  3. I find it so interesting that I stumbled upon your blog today with this new post up. I am a farmgirl from my roots and just itchin' to get my kids out on a farm/homestead.. yet, our oldest turns 12 next month and still we are in the city. The possibility to be on land within 1 year is very real, though, and I am just trying to be patient and thankful for Here and Now in our life… while dreaming, hoping, and planning for our future mini farm! I'm glad to have found you. I'll be following along…

  4. Loved your post. Congratulations on the new precious baby! (and so sorry for your losses.) I have been beating myself up on not getting done what I planned last year. I also have a parent with Alzheimers. Wishing you the best with your father. Kathy

    • Thanks Kathy! Aww, don't beat yourself up! Maybe this year you can tackle some things that you didn't get done last year. We all have 'those' years, sometimes more than once!

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