Why I Don’t Treat My Animals the Same as My Children

I recently read a post in a local buy-sell-trade group on Facebook about how we should raise our cats; that they should be inside only, they shouldn’t eat mice and we should treat them the same as our children.
The more I am on Facebook or any social media, the more concerned I get.  I’ve been blasted for keeping my Great Pyrenees outside.  I’ve been blasted for breeding dogs.  I’ve been told when and how to raise my animals in such an extreme way that we would either lose our house or file for bankruptcy.
And now I must treat my cats like my children?
Lets look at that in a little bit more detail.
I would feed the cat three times a day.  I would have to somehow spend as much time with them as I would my own children, which would take time away from my human kids.  My kids have to earn their keep around here and have chores to do.  Try as I might, the cat wouldn’t be able to do any chores except catch mice, but because some believe that it will die a horrible death by eating mice, I must respect their wishes and just keep the cat inside.  To eat.  To sleep.  To poop. 
So now I have a totally dependent cat who is actually getting preferred treatment over my own children because it does not have a job to do.  In the mean time, mice will breed and grow in number, wreaking havoc in my barn, shed and garage.
How about livestock guardian dogs?
Some seem to think I should treat them like my own children as well.  At the bare minimum I should bring them inside during bad weather.  Let’s take a look at what could happen if I did that.
I could lose all of my ducks and chickens.  True story.  Because of a mistake on our part, one of our Great Pyrs did not have access to a bunch of young poultry on two different nights.  We lost all 18 chickens and 16 ducks.  That’s all it took, two nights.  Plus, bringing my working dogs in and out will disrupt their body temperature.

But who cares about those ducks and chickens?  I’ve got a poor ‘little’ white fluffball panting next to me inside the house, looking quite miserable for some reason because someone thought she needs to be treated more like a human.  Therefore I should just feed her, let her sleep all day and treat her like my kids.  Meanwhile, predators are wreaking havoc outside and wipe out pretty much everything but my horses and pigs.

As long as my dog is happy, they say.  That’s what matters.

In reality, she isn’t happy.  These animals have a specific job to do. They were created for a purpose.  

My children weren’t put here on earth to guard livestock or to keep the rodents away.  They weren’t created to supply us with meat or milk.  I know it sounds absurd, but I think we need to really look at this bluntly.

God said we are made in His image and we are to take dominion over the earth and animals(Genesis 1:6).  In other words, not only are we set apart from animals but we are in charge of the earth and we rule over the animals. 

I know this post may seem obvious to some, but I am sure you have come across someone who questioned you about how you raise your pets or livestock.  Not only have I been told to quit advertising my puppies or breed my dogs, I’ve been blasted for how I raise my goats.  

Someone commented on my blog awhile ago about how cruel I was to my goats.  They should never be milked or have babies that nurse on them because that is painful and cruel.  I’m telling you, we live in a whacked out world.  These people haven’t really thought things through and the consequences of their ‘beliefs’.  I don’t think they realize that if we go by their ‘convictions’, then livestock would eventually become extinct.  They would not be used for their intended purposes so why breed them in the first place? 

Back to my children.  I will never equate my children to animals.  Ever.  They were set apart from the very beginning.  I’m an animal lover, always have been.   But to give them as much attention as my children is, quite frankly, child abuse.  How messed up my kids would be if I loved my cats the same as them?  Talk about struggling with self worth the rest of their lives!

Nah, I’ll stick with God’s plan.  I’ll continue to teach them how to raise and take care of these beautiful creatures, with kindness and respect of course, so that they can grow up with a greater appreciation of God’s design, His creation.  I’ll continue to teach them to be a good steward of this earth.

But I won’t teach my cat that.


Speaking of not treating our kids and animals the same, there is one thing I can use on both man and beast.  Check it out HERE!

3 comments on “Why I Don’t Treat My Animals the Same as My Children

  1. YES!
    This needs to be said more often. I can't believe some of the comments about livestock that people make.
    I too love animals, but I will continue to have cats in the barn, sheep out on pasture (even in the winter) and goats in the milk stand.
    I think it is animal cruelty, to dress your pets, treating them like children, and keeping them from doing what comes natural to them (such as catching mice and protecting livestock)

  2. I have all the same animals as you & I have had a lot of "advice" also! I totally agree with everything you said. I also agree with Sandra! Thank you for posting.

  3. I'm an atheist, but I still agree with your point. Bringing your dogs inside would be animal cruelty. They weren't bred for that. Same with all the other points. So long as they have access to sufficient shelter, they're better off outside.

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