Top Ten Essential Oils for Livestock

I am amazed at the many uses of essential oils.  And when I found out that I can use them on my farm animals too?  Holy cow!  That was a revolution for me!  And it’s not rocket science either.  As you read this list, you will realize that many of the issues we have as humans are treated the same way with livestock.

Dr. Roark is a veterinarian who uses essential oils and I have learned a good bit from her. If you are interested in learning more about animals and essential oils, she has a facebook page you can follow here.

Dr. Roark’s top 10 essential oils for Ruminants and Pseudoruminants (cattle, sheep,
goats, llamas, alpacas, etc.):

1.  Protective Blend, OnGuard: immune support, mastitis, coccidiosis, caseous lymphadenitis, abscesses, bacterial or viral infections, hoof conditions, general herd health

2.  Digestive Blend, DigestZen: bloat, scours, diarrhea, constipation, internal parasites, milk production, general gastrointestinal wellness.

3.  Frankincense: inflammation, cuts, scrapes, tumors, cystic ovaries, pain management, eye conditions, lymphoma

4.  Oregano: abscesses, bacterial or viral infections, scrapie, vesicular lesions,
cryptosporidia, fungal infections, herd outbreaks

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5. Grounding Blend, Balance: stress, fear, showing, anxiety, broken bones, joint pain, tendon and ligament issues, spine alignment, overall wellbeing

6. Lemongrass: dehorning, lameness, scours, mastitis, tendon and ligament regeneration, arthritis, fungal infections, bladder infections, edema and fluid retention, parasites

7. Breathe: allergies, sinus infections, pneumonia, upper respiratory infections, cough

8. TerraShield: lice, mange, flies, ticks, bots, mosquitoes

9. Serenity: allergies, burns, inflammation, cuts, stress, birthing, anxiety, depression

10. Melaleuca (tea tree): ringworm, lacerations, scrapes, dermatitis, bacterial and fungal infections

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  1. Thanks for this information, I use doterra and I have been wondering how to incorporate it into our little farm. WE have lost two calves to scours recently and I would really like to know how you are applying oils to livestock.

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