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Welcome, Friends!  Glad you could join me on this simple farm!  So, what is this blog all about?

Here on the farm, we will be learning and teaching so many things that are useful, practical and just down right fun!

I will also be sharing with you more personal, in depth life experiences that have helped mold me into who I am.  Let’s just say I must be made out of pretty hard clay, for the hand of God has come down hard at times to soften me, yet, He has such a gentle touch, making it bearable and sometimes even enjoyable.

Please join me on my adventures. There is so much to learn! We will be showing how-to videos and step-by-step instructions on certain topics.  You will learn simple things such as how to know when your potatoes are ready, to learning how to butcher a chicken!  You will see us in action, as a family, working together, doing many things on the farm.

There are also many money making opportunities that I have shared as well.

Come along on our journey to a more self-sustainable life and learn from our mistakes as well as our triumphs. I hope you will be challenged, encouraged and gain a better understanding of homesteading skills as well.

I will also be posting my spiritual journey and beliefs on certain, let me say, controversial topics!

Our first and foremost priority is to glorify God in everything we do.  That being said, we realize the importance of leaning on His guidance in everything.  We have failed many times!  But, each time we fail, we learn a valuable lesson, which brings us back to His understanding, not ours.

Our vision for this farm is to one day, make it profitable enough to live off of its income. My husband, Tony, would love nothing more than to be with his family more than with his co-workers, to have his children work with him in his family business.

Our family does work together on the farm.  Work ethic in children is diminishing everywhere, so we make sure that our children know how to work and give them certain responsibilities on the farm.  Yet, we want this farm to be a relaxing, enjoyable place, not a drudgery!

We have many ideas for our farm.  We have started some of these ideas and are excited about where the Lord will take us.  I will be sharing with you many entrepreneurial ideas for farm income.  It’s a journey with constant change as we strive for sustainability.

We welcome you to join us on this adventure!  You can also become a fan on facebook as well!  If you would like to contact me with your plans or ask more questions about our farm, please feel free to contact me at:

Our farm is just what it says, simple.  Nothing fancy here, just real

You can also become a fan on Facebook!

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