Eden Goat Milk Soap is Up and Running!

Well, after Tuesday’s rather humbling post, I thought I would lighten it up a little and share with you a breakthrough of mine. I have finally figured it out!  You can now order my soaps online!  Just go to my Eden Goat Milk Soap page and order there.  I am also working on a soap […]

Dear Husband, I Overspent!

I overspent.  I admit it.  And I felt sick inside.  Oh my, when my husband finds out! Have you been there?  What do you do?  Do you hide it and think that maybe he won’t find out? Or do you confess to him the error of your ways? I  had a rather stressful week, and […]

Thanksgiving Celebration at New Hope Christian Fellowship

Here is my Pocahontas. We joined the fun at the Thanksgiving Celebration hosted by the Devine family yesterday.  Check out Rhonda Devine’s blog, Walking With Sarah! Needless to say, my official launch will not be until next Monday.  But, we had a wonderful time, with good food, fellowship, music, games and history lessons! Some of us even […]

Easy Sore Throat Home Remedy

Sore throats….kind of feels like this picture.  Restricted, miserable, maybe feels like you’ve got barbed wire stuck in your throat.  Well, I broke out my home remedies book two days ago because my son had a sore throat and fever.  He gargled this home remedy three times for just one day.  The following morning, his […]

And the Winner is…….

Two days ago I listed some how-to videos and written series possibilities that I would like to share in the near future.  But, I needed some input on what others thought of these possibilities, and which one they would like to see or read first.  Those who commented were entered into winning two bars of […]

Working Alongside Our Children

Have you lost sight of working with your children and enjoying it?  Do they shy away from you when you need some help?  Then, Family Friendly Farming just might be the book for you, even if you do not farm!  This book has been a blessing to us!  In fact, I probably need to read […]

Help! I’ve Got a Boundary Pusher!

This is Rex, my constant boundary pusher.  He looks a little guilty, doesn’t he?  He knows when the electric fence isn’t working, and will trample over a field fence to the “greener pastures” on the other side.  And, he is not a horse, but a rather big pony!  Our other two horses will not challenge […]