Earache Relief

We had a frost this morning.  I took a quick walk around the house and could feel the crunch under my slippers.  I looked around, seeing all of the things I needed to get done.   The pear tree is still loaded.  I made pear butter, but now I need to pick more and make […]

Birthdays, Keeping it Simple!

  Yesterday, we celebrated my sweet daughter, Savannah’s ninth birthday.  It was a simple birthday, nothing too fancy, but she enjoyed it and appreciated it’s simplicity.   Last year we celebrated with a tea party.  Then we dressed our horse and pony up with ribbons and bows and each young lady had a chance to ride […]

Try Your Hand at Drying Flowers!

I love dried flowers and the endless possibilities of beautiful dried flower arrangements.  My daughter and I started drying flowers last year and loved the results!  We dried sunflowers, zinnia, wild seedpods and different types of white flowers we found in our hayfield and backyard.  I often look at dried flower books at the library […]

Turnips, try some!

   Part of our garden is full of radishes, lettuce mixes, spinach and turnips.  If you still want to get some good eatins’ out of your garden, it is not too late to plant these different varieties!  They can withstand some freezing and actually do better in this cooler weather here in Indiana.      Turnips […]

Entrepreneur Spirit in Children Under Attack

  What is this world coming to?  When a child can no longer sell lemonade on his own front lawn?  I recently read this article from a conservative website and was blown away!  Children cannot sell lemonade or Girl Scout cookies in some states, because they do not have a food permit.   I find […]

Gooseberry Patch Women

                                                      I recently read an article about Gooseberry Patch and how it came into existence.  I thought it might be worth sharing especially since I love their cookbooks!   It […]

Extra Sweet Pumpkins, Squash and Oh So Good Seeds!

  If you like to try different pumpkins and squash, but aren’t sure which ones are tasty and sweet, read on!  I found these varieties in Mother Earth News along with some very tasty roasted seed ideas. Pumpkin varieties that are known for their sweetness are:                   […]

My Convictions Might Not be Your Convictions

     Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait till the Lord comes.  He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of men’s hearts.  At that time each will receive his praise from God. 1 Corinthians 4:5 I have often wondered why some people judge others for not […]

Why Goats?

There are some who think of goats as a poor man’s animal, but, in reality, they are quite useful on the farm.  Plus, you just can’t ignore their personalities, for they possess their own unique way to interact with others. We have LaMancha goats, one of the few known breeds that originated here in America. […]

Proverbs 31 Woman WAS an Entrepreneur!

We, ladies, should all strive to be a wife of noble character.  The Proverbs 31 woman is our example.  I have read this chapter numerous times, learning something new with each read.  This chapter can be overwhelming and we can sometimes wonder how we could ever measure up, for she is amazing!  She did it […]