Leaves, Don’t Burn ‘Em, Use ‘Em

I like to run.  It is very refreshing to me.  But, in the fall, it would do me good to wear a gas mask when I go running.  Our small town looks as if it’s been bombed with smoke coming from almost every yard.  Burning leaves is a daily occurrence with some here in San […]

GMO Corn as a Contraceptive

Did you know that there is a genetically modified corn that is being introduced in third world countries to help control the “over-population problem?”  Did you know it is funded by our very own USDA?  This type of contraceptive corn could already be in our diets.   Check out this article which shows some interesting […]

Finding Humor on the Farm

Humor. I think that might be my new middle name! It seems I try to find the humor in many things around the farm.   The night before I took the pigs to get butchered, my husband and children were loading them into our old rusty trailer. Now, I’m not sure if you have ever […]

My Favorite Homemade Antiseptic Cleaner

There are many homemade cleaners out there, but I love mine and have not changed it for seven years!  They say that our homes have more chemical toxins in the air than outside, and no wonder.  With all of the chemical-based cleaners that most people use, it is not surprising.  I don’t have to worry […]