When You Don’t Meet Your Homesteading Goals

When You Don’t Meet Your Homesteading Goals

Sometimes, homesteading takes a back seat. It’s true.  There’s a season for everything, and sometimes that season doesn’t allow us to put homesteading at the top of the list.  That was us last year. Now when I say “take a back seat”, I don’t mean starving the animals or neglecting the homestead.   It still […]

How to Set Homesteading Goals for 2013

Are you feeling a little lost because you have not mapped out any direction for 2013?  Is the thought of goal setting a little daunting to you?  Here is an easy way to give your 2013 year a road map.  For those who do not have a homestead, this can still apply to you as […]

Making Money Mondays-Farm Goals

One of our farm goals for the next few years is turning our market vegetable garden into a fruit paradise.  With this, we needed a few more acres.  So, we are extending this to eventually cover at least six acres. This year we will be planting grapes and more apple trees.  Our goal here is […]