I’d Rather Be Broken

I’d Rather Be Broken

It’s been over a month since my miscarriage at 14 weeks.  But, I didn’t have the heart to tell you, to tell anyone really.  I thought of deleting my last post that announced my pregnancy, but it would not have been done with good intentions.  So, here we are, another loss, half of my 10 […]

My Little Update

It has been a wonderfully busy time for us here at the Shock farm.  4-H is in full swing and keeping up with the farm during summer months always keeps us busy.  Since the miscarriage, I have  taken a much needed break from blogging and it has been quite refreshing. But, I thought I would […]

Another Little One with Jesus

I had a hard time deleting the baby image below that shows how far along I was.  Pushing the ‘remove’ button seemed as if I was deleting my little one.  You see, this little one is still inside of me, but is no longer living. In case you do not know my past, I had […]