How to Eat Milkweed Flower Buds

How to Eat Milkweed Flower Buds

It is such a pleasure finding food growing wild, especially on our farm.  I had heard that milkweed is edible after finding a whole bunch of it in our hayfield.  When there is a whole lot of something growing wild here, I try to find it’s uses, edible or not.   Milkweed stalks can be […]

Radish Chips

Radish Chips

I found this recipe the other day and just had to share!  Although I have harvested my radishes already and am letting some go to seed for saving and attracting bees, I still plan on planting more for the fall harvest. Thank you to My Kitchen Affair for sharing this recipe! Just click here for […]

How to Stretch Your Butter

We all know that butter is better for us than margarine, right?  We also know that margarine is less expensive than butter most of the time.  I had made a switch to butter some time ago, but being on a budget made it a little harder to keep it stocked.  This is why I would […]

How To Make and Can Sauerkraut

How To Make and Can Sauerkraut

Making and canning sauerkraut is pretty simple, but it takes a little time and patience. The results are well worth it!  Let me share with you how I do it and remember, I like simple, nothing fancy here on the Shock farm, including making sauerkraut! Here is what you need: 20 lbs cabbage 3/4 cup […]

Making Money Mondays – Pastured Poultry

Before we raised our own meat chickens, I remember putting a Tyson or Perdue roaster in the crockpot all night, planning on making chicken soup the next day.  I woke up that night to a putrid smell, but, being half asleep, wasn’t quite sure what it was. The next day, the kids woke up and […]

Making Money Mondays – Here Piggy, Piggy, Piggy!

Raising our own pork has been such a rewarding experience.  I don’t think I have ever enjoyed bacon as much as from our own piggies.  And the sausage?  Oh my! Ham steaks on the grill?  Delightful!  Fried pork chops?  Yum yum!  When we run out of pork?  So very sad! Not only is it very […]

Finding Local Foods

The local foods movement has grown leaps and bounds over the past several years.  As people are becoming more aware of what they are eating, farmer’s markets, herdshares and CSAs(Community Supported Agriculture) are growing.  So, where do we find a local farmer who sells produce, eggs, meat, milk, etc.? Local Harvest just might be your […]

Too Much Pumpkin?

Now is the time to get good sales on canned pumpkin.  But can pumpkin puree be too much of a good thing?  I would have to say “no!”  I love everything pumpkin.  I do have puree frozen, but I also like to pick up a few at the store if they are on sale. If […]

Turnips, try some!

   Part of our garden is full of radishes, lettuce mixes, spinach and turnips.  If you still want to get some good eatins’ out of your garden, it is not too late to plant these different varieties!  They can withstand some freezing and actually do better in this cooler weather here in Indiana.      Turnips […]

Extra Sweet Pumpkins, Squash and Oh So Good Seeds!

  If you like to try different pumpkins and squash, but aren’t sure which ones are tasty and sweet, read on!  I found these varieties in Mother Earth News along with some very tasty roasted seed ideas. Pumpkin varieties that are known for their sweetness are:                   […]